Instructional Materials

Title Content Area World Region Instructional Materials
Uyghur Internment and Poetry Literature/Writing East Asia Lesson Plan_2_0.pdf713.16 KB
Sacred Sites, Evolving Spaces Fine Arts, History, Religion All regions Sacred Sites, Evolving Spaces Lesson Plan.pdf1.08 MB
Uprooted: How Exile, Community, and Trauma Shape Cultural Identity (Palestinian and Native American perspectives) Anthropology, History, Literature/Writing Middle East/North Africa Uprooted - reduced size.pdf1.24 MB
China/Avant-Garde: Exploring Modern China through Art Fine Arts East Asia Resources.pdf92.64 KB
Women and Revolution: Women's Political Activism in Russia from 1905-1017 History, Literature/Writing, Political Science Eastern Europe Women and Revolution Resource.pdf2.04 MB
Voices from the USSR: Working with Oral Histories History Central Asia, Eastern Europe Voices_from_USSR.pdf727.42 KB
U.S.-Russia Relations: Trust and Decision Making in the Twenty-First Century History, Political Science Eastern Europe US_Russia_Relations.pdf184.52 KB
Gulag: Soviet Prison Camps and Their Legacy History Central Asia, Eastern Europe Gulag unit.pdf1005.19 KB
Art in Context: Exploring Nonconformist Art in the Soviet Union Fine Arts, History Eastern Europe davis_center_art_in_context_module.pdf1.71 MB
Challenges and Change for Iranian Women - Document-Based Writing Prompts Gender and Women's Studies, History, Literature/Writing Middle East/North Africa 1. Assignment Description (for teachers)_0.pdf125.9 KB2. Overview of Modern Iran.pdf115.79 KB3a-1. Newspaper articles .pdf77.16 KB3a-2. Tobacco Boycott.pdf74.99 KB3a-3. Constitutional Revolution.pdf74.68 KB3b-1. Unveiling.pdf129.09 KB3b-2. Women's Dress.pdf419.72 KB3b-3. Education.pdf176.96 KB3b-4. Advances.pdf77.39 KB3c-1. Restrictions.pdf159.7 KB3c-2. Photos.pdf468.18 KB3c-3. Advances.pdf132.2 KB4. Questions - writing prompts, discussion questions.pdf133.9 KB
Morocco: Storytelling, a Window into the Culture - for French classes Foreign Languages, Literature/Writing Middle East/North Africa, Western Europe Introduction to Morocco (in French).pdf1.67 MBKeeping Storytelling Alive.pdf42.68 KBSetzer Morocco lesson plan.pdf132.61 KB
How History Shaped Literature and Literature Changed History: The Lasting Impact of Poetry about the Battle of Kosovo Geography, History, Literature/Writing Eastern Europe 1. Assignment Description.pdf274.47 KB2. Who Are We - Balkan Ethnic Identities.pdf26.13 KB3. Heroes of Serbia.pdf399.9 KB4. Questions and Answers.pdf16.68 KB5. Background - Sarajevo 1914.pdf22.75 KB6. Background - Kosovo 1990s.pdf120.73 KB7. List of Scenarios.pdf34.02 KB8. Background - Bosnia.pdf166.04 KB9. List of Topics for Research Papers.pdf113.67 KB
Disease and Public Health in the Ottoman Empire - Document-Based Writing Prompts Geography, History, Literature/Writing, Public Health Eastern Europe, Middle East/North Africa hospitals-treatments 1 - geography and health.pdf378.29 KBhospitals-treatments 2 - hospitals.pdf256.63 KBhospitals-treatments 3 - access to care.pdf183.22 KBhospitals-treatments 4 - treatments.pdf180.25 KBhospitals-treatments 5 - music therapy.pdf196.78 KBhospitals-treatments 6 - preventing smallpox.pdf159.08 KBinfectious diseases 1 - trade routes.pdf147.01 KBinfectious diseases 2 - government response.pdf150.43 KBinfectious diseases 3 - pilgrimage.pdf76.53 KBinfectious diseases 4 - quarantines.pdf75.29 KBinfectious diseases 5 - cholera cartoons.pdf748.18 KBinfectious diseases 6 - ethnic cleansing Circassians.pdf131.88 KBinfectious diseases 7 - Red Crescent.pdf150.92 KBQuestions - writing prompts, discussion questions.pdf142.01 KBWar 1 - Balkan Wars cholera.pdf78.24 KBWar 2 - WWI overview.pdf373.16 KBWar 3 - Armenian genocide.pdf129.25 KBWar 4 - hospitals and supplies.pdf175.98 KBWar 5 - diary of Ihsan Turjman.pdf199.8 KBWar 6 - POW camps.pdf77.33 KB
American Women Writers of Muslim Heritage Literature/Writing All regions, Middle East/North Africa American Women Writers of Muslim Heritage.pdf214.56 KB
China and Europe, 1500-2000 History East Asia, Western Europe China in World History_0.pdf380.97 KB
Grandeur of the Qing – Online Educational Module Fine Arts, History East Asia Grandeur of the Qing Educational Module_0.pdf388.52 KB
Mongols in World History - Online Educational Module History East Asia Mongols in World History_0.pdf392.05 KB
Living in the Chinese Cosmos: Understanding Religion in China - Online Educational Module Anthropology East Asia religion in China_0.pdf364.52 KB
Song Dynasty in China - Online Educational Module Fine Arts, History East Asia Song Dynasty in China_0.pdf375.29 KB
Great Silk Road: A Group Exploration through Research and Craft Fine Arts Central Asia Presentation Template.pptx138.29 KBSilk Road Ceramics Class Project Plan.pdf356.79 KB
Cultural Comparisons: Central Asia and Hispanic Countries Foreign Languages Central Asia, Latin America Cultural Comparisons - Central Asia and Hispanic Countries by Vargas.pdf247.26 KB
Independence and National Identity in Post-Soviet Central Asia Political Science Central Asia 1. Lesson description and assignment sheet.pdf870.36 KB2. Powerpoint.pdf3.18 MB
Language and Cultural Change in Kazakhstan Anthropology Central Asia 1. unit plan - Language-Cultural Change in Kazakhstan pdf.pdf3.26 MB2. Powerpoint part 1.pdf3.36 MB3. Powerpoint part 2.pdf3.06 MB
Genocide and Mass Grave Exhumation Anthropology Eastern Europe Lab 7 - Genocide.pdf177.34 KB
Palestine/Israel - 1948: Al-Nakba and the War of Independence: One Event, Two Perspectives Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology Middle East/North Africa 1. Lesson Outline.pdf359.87 KB2. Context - plan for the unit.pdf381.68 KB3. 1948 document analysis.pdf318.11 KB4. 1948 Narrative CP copy.pdf408.46 KB5. Doc A (AS)1948.pdf334.57 KB6. Doc B Deir Yassin Massacre.pdf308.24 KB7 Doc C Israeli Declaration of Independence Rdg.pdf121.54 KB8. Doc D 1948 Refugees.pdf854.45 KB9. Document E Jews and Homeland.pdf396.17 KB10. 1948 Debrief and Analysis.pdf395.97 KB